2019 Road Race Schedule

2019 Gold Cup Road Race


Races Hosted By PKA

May 11th  at Oregon Raceway Park - Clockwise

October 12th  at Portland Intl. Raceway, Portland, OR

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2019 PKA Road Race Registration Form

2019 Road Race rules

ORP Race Day Schedule

PIR Race Day Schedule

2019 One Day Road Race Groups

Race Group 1 (30 Minutes) Rolling Start
Honda CR 125/99cyl [400]
125cc Open Shifter Limited Heavy [420]
Spec Honda CR 125/99cyl [385]
Unlimited / Super Kart [see rules**]


Race Group 2 (30 & 45 Minutes) Standing Start
TaG Endruo [see rules**] (45)
Honda CBR 250 Formula R [490] (30)
Yamaha KT100S Heavy[400] (45)
TaG Light [see rules**] (30)
Briggs World Formula [390] (30)
TaG Junior [330] (30)

Race Group 3 (30 Minutes) Rolling Start
Formula Experimental
125cc Open Shifter Limited [400]
Honda CR 125/99cyl Heavy [440]

Junior Shifter [340]

Race Group 4 (30 Minutes) Standing Start
TaG Heavy [see rules**]
Honda CR 80 Enduro [410]
125cc-150cc Open [see rules**]
W/C TaG Junior [330]
Junior Briggs 4-Cycle [310/330]

Yamaha KT100S Light [370]

Race Group 5 (30 minutes) Rolling Start
W/C Unlimited / Super Kart [see rules**]
W/C 125cc Open Shifter [400]
W/C Honda CR 125/99cyl [400]
W/C Honda CR 125/99cyl Heavy [440]
W/C Spec Honda CR 125/99cyl [385]
W/C Junior Shifter [340]
W/C Formula Experimental (formerly ICE)

Race Group 6 (30 Minutes) Rolling Start
80cc-100cc Open [see rules**]
W/C Briggs World Formula [390]
W/C Honda CBR 250 Formula R [490]

Race Group 7 (30 Minutes) As time allows
“Club 7” Race Group reserved for ‘Club discretion’ (Buddy Drive, ET RACER, Open Practice)