2017 Road Race Schedule

2017 Gold Cup Road Race
Jun 2, 2017 The Ridge Practice Day @ The Ridge Motorsports Park    
Jun 3, 2017 Race #1 - The Ridge @ The Ridge Motorsports Park    
Aug 26, 2017 Spokane Practice Day @ Spokane County Raceway    
Aug 27, 2017 Race #2 - Spokane @ Spokane County Raceway Gates Open 8am  
Sep 23, 2017 Race #3 - ORP @ Oregon Raceway Park    


Races Hosted By PKA

Sept. 23rd at Oregon Raceway Park - Clockwise

Note: JR1's will be able to run at ORP this year

You can now  download and print a registration from below blue link or you can sign in online click on the red link below

Online Road Race Registration

2017 PKA Road Race Registration Form

2017 NWRR Road Race Registration Form


2017 Road Race rules

ORP Race Day Schedule

NW Gold Cup Road Race

2017 One Day Road Race Groups

Race Group 1 (30 Minutes) Rolling Start
Rotax Max
Rotax Classic
Super Stock CR 125
Formula 125 Limited Heavy
Sprint Stock 125


Race Group 2 (30 & 45 Minutes) Standing Start
TAG Enduro (45)
80cc Laydown (45)
Yamaha KT100S Light (45)
TAG Light (30)
IKF Briggs World Formula Heavy (30)
Rotax Max Jr (30)

Race Group 3 (30 Minutes) (Rolling Start)
IKF Intercontinental – E
Unlimited / FKE III
Formula 125 Limited
Super Stock CR125 Heavy

Race Group 4 (30 Minutes) Standing Start
IKF Briggs World Formula Medium
Yamaha KT100S Heavy
TaG Junior
Junior IKF World Formula

Group 5 (30 minutes) Rolling Start

TAG Heavy
Rotax Max Light
Formula 125
W/C Super Stock CR125
W/C Sprint Stock 125
W/C Super Stock CR125 Hvy

Race Group 6 (30 Minutes) Rolling Start
W/C Unlimited / FKE III
125-150cc Open FKEII

Race Group 7 (30 Minutes) As time allows
“Club 7” Race Group reserved for ‘Club discretion’ (Buddy Drive, ET RACER, Open Practice)