MAC Track Construction Finishing Stages

Okay all we are in the final stages of finishing the MAC Track Remodel project. The asphalt has been down now for a couple of weeks taking a good set. So we now have fairly large list of items that we need to do before it is ready for the night Race.
With that we are calling to our membership and friends of the club to give a hand.

We are planning a a couple of workdays this Sunday and Monday September 2nd and 3rd. The Board of Directors are asking those who will not make the Spokane Gold cup this weekend to come out and help at the MAC Track. 
We will start on Sunday at approx. 10:00 AM 
We are scheduled to pour the concrete curbing on Tuesday morning at 7:30AM and can use help at that time too. 
Below is the list of items that still needs to be done. 

1. Finish building the curb forms and back filling forms.
2. Sweep off big dirt and rocks off track.
3. Weed eat weeds along fence and along edge of track. 
4. Pressure wash for striping
5. Reorganize scales shed.
6. Need a Trophy count for ordering trophies for night race.
7. Fix the reserved pit spot signs after the fairgrounds put the fencing back up. 
8. Need to get 1 section of 4” abs and 3 couplers to complete some of the drain lines and backfill with dirt. .
9. Order 50-100 bales and cover for new section. 
10. Finish backfilling areas along side of the track.
11. Curbing will be poured on Tuesday September 4th at 7:30 AM 
12. Grass seed for the construction area. 
13. Start watering along the track edge so we can pack the dirt. 
14. Spray for weeds and on fence lines and edge of track. 
15. Clean and change oil in the Gold Cart.
16. Use Leaf blowers to help clean track.
17. There are more items just can't remember them all right now. 

We will have a tractor with a bucket and box scraper to move dirt and rock. We have one pressure washer on site. 
We need people with rakes, brooms, shovels, weed eaters, and leaf blowers. 
We will have a sprayer. 
We are looking forward to Kevin Keller to start on the mole and gopher project and he will have his work cut our for him. 

If you can Help come on out we will have refreshments for all on Sunday and Monday.

Contact Mike Schorn Gregg Wick if you can help. Or just come out the more the better.