Portland Karting Association adding Turns and Configurations To MAC Track

Portland Karting Association will be closing the MAC track on May 14 to start construction that will add 2 turns to the highly popular track which will provide more opportunity for passing and also allow for additional track configurations. Also, PKA will be repairing some rough areas and repaving areas to bring the track up to PKA and our racer's expectations.
The construction project plan is to have the new asphalt laid down by Friday May 18th with a minimum cure time of 2-3 weeks.  The first race on the new pavement at this time is planned to be the June 3rd OSKCS.
The PKA Board of Directors has been in the planning reconstruction process for over 3 years. With the recent signing of our Lease renewal with the Yamhill County Fairgrounds the opportunity to repair and make additions to the track has become a reality.
The weather Gods have been cooperating and have given us a good solid week of dry Sunny weather to help dry the property and the forecast is good for another 10 days. The construction crew is ready and the asphalt company has a window open for the special kart track mix.  So its full speed ahead on the improvement plans.

Stay tuned as report on our progress.