Track Clean up and First Race of 2012

Rumor has it that the next race on April 1st will be even better and there will be several racers putting out the challenge for the Australian Pursuit. There always been a friendly rivalry between several of the World Formula, Yamaha and Tag racers and this is the perfect place to belly up to bar and see who will be the Pursuit Champ for 2012.

PKA Members and friends put two days of Manual labor on the March 10-11 weekend to get the MAC Track ready for the 2012 season and what a job they did. All of the old bales and tires were removed and disposed of along with cleaning the fence lines and getting the big weeds down. Cleaning the Tower, Scales shack, mowing the area and the putting newly bagged bales in the corners and worker stations.

The Staff and Board members of PKA would like to thank all of those racers who made it out for the first race and look forward to seeing everyone again this coming weekend April 1st.

PKA would also like to thank all of the hard working members and friends of PKA in their donated time and equipment to get our track all spiffed up for the 2012 season. Without our members and friends it wouldn’t have been done. So next time you see of the volunteers please thank them.

John Shearer, The Moody family Kristin, Steve, Alan, Ryan, Greg Normandin, Steve King, Shaun Renner, Dwight and Tyler Besuyen, JG Francis, Mike and Andy Anderson, Dan Garrison, Roscoe Filly, Bryan Green, Kevin Keller, Chris Hatch, John  and Donny Sullivan, Max Mulkey, Troy and Jackson Schulz, David and Mike Schorn.

The hill by along the back side of the oval is now named JG Hill who along with Dwight Besuyen knocked down all of the berry bushes Saturday and Sunday. JG how ever took as a personal challange to  conquer the hill during the clean up.