MAC Track Spring Cleaning Scheduled for March 10-11

The annual MAC Track clean up weekend will be here in just 2 weeks. Track Clean up chairman Greg Wick along with committee members John Shearer, and Dwight Besuyen are asking for your help in getting our track cleaned up and all spiffy for the start for the 2012 Race season.

Track clean up will start Saturday March 10 at 10:AM and will thru the day and will continue on Sunday if all the project are done there will be some time for practice.

PKA will have some sandwiches and refreshments  at the track.

Several of the projects on the list for the clean up are

Remove all old hay bales and replace with new ones.

Put new plastic covers on new bales

Fence line trimmiing

Clean and organize Scales building

Clean and organize Tower

Weed eat around fince lines and  track edges


The Committee can really use your help in getting the above projects done for the clean up to make the track safer for all.

There is something for everyone. Bring some coveralls gloves and smile and together we'll get it done.

So give a call to the committee members or one of the PKA board members to help pitch in to make better for all.

Greg Wick 503-522-3001

John Shearer 503-551-2516

Dwight Besuyen 503-503-419-8228