N.W.Gold Cup Iame / Rotax Shootout Round #1

Andrew Zimmer started on the pole along with Derek Wang, Wang who had just despicable luck on the starts all weekend long, was hoping he could get one clean start. Row 2 was Bryce Choquoer and Italian Motors ace Remo Ruscitti. Ruscitti who had been running 39.2’s in practice was lapping around in the low 39.3’s in his Iame Cup final. Row 3 was independent Kory Estell and Revolution Racing’s Joey McGuire. Row 4 was supposed to be Keegan Laithwaite and Scott O’Farrell, but Laithwaite got tangled up in a mix up in his final and hurt his wrist, so he was walking around the starting grid with ice, so move em’ all up one. Jerry Peterson took the move up spot and joined O’Farrell, Scott Hargrove and David Jurca made up row 5 and Michael Valiante and Blake Choquoer made up row 6...Late comers Joey Miller and Stephanova Nekeel were added.


Nekeel who was tuning for Wang all weekend got a chance to run when Veteran Doug Huggler told Nekeel “I’m all done, if you want to race it, there it is” Nekeel grabbed Hugglers driving suit, helmet, and joined the field at the rear because he had not qualified. NW Gold Cup Chief starter Larry Sauneauier let em roll with the wave of the green and it was Zimmer leading the ferocious pack into turn one.. Wang once again is hung out to dry and allowed Ruscitti to follow Zimmer into turn one in the second spot. Choquoer and Estell slipped through as well. Zimmer had a rear bumper full of Ruscitti who was showing that he had the speed...Zimmer’s Tony kart got wider and wider as Ruscitti applied relentless pressure on the Rotax Sr. defending champion. Meanwhile Stephanova Nekeel was working his way to the front from dead last in the Huggler Racing Engines Top Kart. One by one Nekeel was masterfully picking up spots in a ride that he never been in and his first laps all weekend started on the green...Estell settled solidly in to third and was rolling hard, this kid has some tools and can really wheel. Back up front it is Ruscitti still working Zimmer like a dog and using the WHOLE race track (curbs and all ) trying to by Zimmer who now fighting for his life...


Lap 11 and Ruscitti finally gets past Zimmer on the downhill going into turn two, there is not one spot open on the fence it is literally standing room only and the buzz in the air you could cut with a knife. The racing is absolutely outta here, and these drivers were flat going at it plain & simple. The old adage that “rubbin’s racin’” was certainly being shown. Zimmer in second and quietly Scott Hargrove and Michael Valiante make their way into the top 5...and Estell and Choquoer get together on the downhill heading for turn 2...Estell goes off track after the “Rub” from Choquoer so move Hargrove and Valiante up another spot. When it all said and done, Zimmer has faded and loses a motor while coming on to the front straight which collects Wang who has no where to go putting some pretty good damage on the rear of the #88. Zimmer ends up 12 and Wang 13th Jurca finishes 14th and does not even make a lap in the event when carb troubles sidelines the #92.


Ruscitti rolls on to the win with Nekeel second, #38 Scott Hargrove third, the #95 of Valiante in 4th, Bryce Choquoer 5th, #6 Joey McGuire 6th, #51 Scott O’Farrell 7th, #8 Kory Estell 8th, #87 Joey Miller 9th, #42 Jerry Peterson 10th, #2 Blake Choquoer 11th, #73 Andrew Zimmer 12th, #88 Derek Wang 13th, and #92 David Jurca 14th DNS.


The shootout proves huge...the next shootout will be at Mountain High Raceway when the NW Gold Cup/Rotax Challenge Series rolls into town July 8 thru 10. You will not want to miss round 2 of the Iame/Rotax shootout.  For more information about the shootout go to www.nwgoldcup.com. Until next time, this is a the voice of NW motorsports Terry Bridges from ProSoundAudioServices telling you all to follow US Karting News for the latest happenings’ in the world of karting and follow their instructions.....”SUPPORT the SPORT!”