SCCA Rose Cup

The folks at the SCCA Rose Cup race have asked the kart racers of the Pacific NW back again this year. There will be the opportunity to run the full track on Sat. and Sun. June 18 and 19. The plans are to make this a money race and really put on a show for the SCCA and the Rose Cup spectators. Add the dates to your calendar as there are NO conflicting Region 6 race date for either Sprint or Road Race.

The event format is planned as follows:

Move in and setup in pit area. Not sure yet how late the arrival time will be.

Practice session in morning
Qualify session in afternoon

Prefinal session in morning
Final session in afternoon


The plan is to have all classes running on the track at the same time. The initial idea for the event is to put on a good show for the spectators. As such, a rolling parade lap class by class was on the agenda and then a rolling start as the track time allowed is finite and the setup for a standing start takes quite a bit of time. We will NOT be using the inside pit area and have to line up for our track time at the drag strip stage area and then enter the track for the warm up lap and then the session start. First item of news is the same as last year. There will not be any "at track" registration. All sign up will be done prior to the event. Last years attendees will receive an entry form in the mail (snail or email). Those that did not run last year, but wish to enter this year, please send me (John Sullivan, 'PTTM') "PM" message on the PKA forum with your name, address, telephone number and email address. We will send the entry form to you.

The target date this year is the first week of June to have all entry forms returned with full details and $$$$$. This will allow the scorekeeper to get all data loaded in the Timing Computer prior to the race date. In addition it will allow the SCCA folks to know how much pit area we will need and also to let them get the entry list passes and parking passes set up in plenty of time prior to the event. We will need a few volunteers to assist on Saturday and Sunday with starting grid and flat towing. Please let me know via "PM" if you would like to help. This event will be a "Pro Money" race by class when there are 5 karts or more in each class. Mark Winn will be the tech inspector for the event. It will be his choice at the end of each run to choose what will be the tech inspected item or items.


Fuel will be checked with the Digitron. Rotax class runners will use the Union 76 station across the freeway for the official fuel point.


The entry charge has been firmed up. TOTAL CHARGE FOR BOTH DAYS = $85.00. Driver pit pass included in entry, additional pit pass @ $10.00 each


  • CMC will be present to provide race fuel, parts, tires and support by "The Don".
  • Official Rotax fuel point will be the "76" Station on the east side of I-5 from the track, pumps 7&8.
  • Overnight camping will be available in the grassy areas near the start/finish gate and also on the north side of infield paddock to the east of the motocross track.
  • Not sure yet where any RV or Motorhome parking will be located, but there will be space allowed.
  • Racers really need to enter the track and pit area by Friday evening. This is a really big event and entry to the pit area will be very difficult ( if allowed ) on Saturday morning.
  • Likewise you will have a difficult time getting out of the pits with your trailer before the event is over.
  • Security last year was in place 24 hours a day and with added staff during the evening. There were no issues last year.
  • There will NOT be any private vehicle or tow vehicle parking in the pit area.
  • You will be able to work / pit out of your trailer during the event.
  • Helmets will be inspected. You MUST have Snell 2005 or newer.


Since this may be a "Pro Money" event and there will be tech inspection, what rules are we running under? Specifically for the TaG/TaG-E/Rotax karts? IKF rules for each class.

Have had a question about payment with credit card. The answer is yes you can use a credit card for the entry and pit pass payment. If you wish to do so, please make sure that I have your email address sent to me via PM. The information needed to process the credit card payment will be sent to you so you can make the payment through our paypal account. All cards are accepted.

As mentioned above, the need to receive entry forms as soon as possible is to assist the SCCA folks in their assignment of enough pit space area for our people. I have a pretty good idea of the trailer size for those that have submitted entries so far. Those of you that are just now sending in your form, please indicate on the bottom of the form the size of your trailer.

I was reminded to ask all those who are running, to please provide some “bio information” for the announcer at the event. And who is the announcer you say? Well Mr. Ray Knight will once again be providing the on track live action descriptions. He is familiar with most of the drivers, but could always use additional info to convey over the microphone to the admiring crowds.

Please send in a sheet with the following: