2011 Gold Cup Reminders from Bill Hettick


1. Rule # 201.6 Rear Bumper Rule

Starting January 1st, 2011 all karts must be equipped with a rear bumper to protect the driver and kart from rear impact and to keep a following kart from reaching the rear tires. The bumper may be either CIK style plastic rear wheel protection or steel tube of a double bar design. The bumper shall extend to at least the center of the rear tires. The ends of the bumper shall not extend beyond the outside of the rear tires, except in a declared rain race.

For all dimensions, see rule #201.6.1, #201.6.2, and #201.6.3  2011 IKF Rule Book.

Bumpers are available at all local kart shops and will be available at the track.


2. Rotax has required us to run the Mojo D2 slick and the new MOJO W2 rain tire. They are the newest compound out. You will "not" be able to use the older W2 rain tire that has been used at the Gatorz series and Florida Winter Tour series this year. They are now available and will be available at the track. Gates will open Thursday night March 31st to load in trailers at 5:00pm.


4. Practice will be available Friday from 8am-5pm.  Registration will be open at 7am Friday, Sat, and Sunday.


5. On-Line Pre-Registration will be available (date) for the Gold Cup race. Sign up can be done on our www.northwestgoldcup.com  site, but payment will have to be made at the track when you show up. We are still searching for a company to handle on-line payment. Payment can be made in cash(US Funds only), check, or Credit card, (visa/m/c). As voted on by the clubs, there will be a 3% charge on all credit card payments used for registration)


6. All other classes will use Bridgestone slicks YKC or the new YLC compound. Both compounds will be allowed.


7. IKF has a new Minor release form. If the minor does not have a signed release on file with IKF, or if a or guardian will not be in attendance, the parents will have to have a notarized minor release filled out and signed at registration. This includes all minor drivers and minor spectators. For more info contact IKF at (909) 923-4999 or www.ikfkarting.com


8. All Rotax drivers will need to join GoRotax to race the Max Challenge. Membership applications will be available at www.northwestgoldcup.com or e-mail wghrock@comcast.net and also at the track at the Tri-Cities. note( Canadians exempt).


9. All drivers will need a current IKF license. Contact IKF to check your expiration date.


If you have any questions, please contact wghrock@comcast.net or 425-481-5278.