Michael Valiante Motorsports to offer Jr Engine Program

March 15 2011 - In an effort to give back to the karting community, professional race car driver, Michael Valiante with the help from IAME and IMUSA has decided to offer a program for young racers and families.  It will be awarded to a total of 10 young drivers from the ages of 8-12 to compete in either Jr.1 or Jr.2.    “With the help from some of my personal sponsors, I have decided to offer a sponsorship program for Jr.karters in region 6 where I will provide 10 engine packages for young drivers to compete in Jr.1 or Jr.2 with a Leopard restricted engine.

In order to be eligible to receive a free engine to race for the year, you have to send your resume to karla@italianmotors.com or fax it to 604-253-0828 and attend the final Sima race on March 26th for evaluation or schedule a track day where a judge can be on hand before.  Only 10 drivers will be selected, so please outline your accomplishments, why you like to race and what this opportunity would mean to you.  Drivers must then attend Facility the last race for evaluation and approval or schedule a day the Sumas Kart track to be part of this unique program.

Classes will follow as listed.

JR 1 will compete with Gazelle and Mini Swift

100cc Leopard Option (Cadet Chassis)
Age 7, Competition Age, through 11                     Weight 250 lbs
Carb/Intake HL334A/HL334AB
with 15mm intake
25mm Exhaust Restrictor

Leopard JR 2 100cc Leopard Option (Senior Chassis)
Age 8, Competition Age, through 12                     Weight 265 lbs
Intake Manifold Restrictor Size 15mm