PKA to Host 2010/11 Winter Series

The Winter Series for the 2010/2011 season will consist of 5 dates at the MAC Track in McMinnville, OR .

PKA Winter Series
Jan 24, 2016 Winter Race #3 @ MacTrack Gates Open 9AM  
Feb 20, 2016 Winter Race #4 @ MacTrack Gates Open 9AM  
Mar 6, 2016 Winter Race #5 @ MacTrack Gates Open 9AM  

The Winter Series has been a great place for those new racers that just got a new kart or a new set up and have not had chance to try it yet and it is also a great time just to get out and get on the track after being cooked in the house for a couple of months.

The Winter race series is open to PKA members and non-members alike with the reduced fee of just $30.00 per driver. $5.00 pit pass for the crews and friends.

Gates open at 9:30AM with practice and racing through out the day. Format of the Winter Series is improvised and may run forward backwards all from a flip of a coin at the track.

Don Holmboe will be your Race Director for the series along with John Sullivan and other dedicated PKA members to ensure a great time is had by all.

The last race date March will be an excellent time to start the pre tune for the new Regular Season series.

Another great item the PKA board is looking into online pre-registration for the 2011 season and will kick off a beta version of the online pre registration process for the 2010/11 Series. Wayne O’Neil, PKA Webmaster, has been in the process in finding and designing an online registration form for the last several months and looks forward to try the beta version out for the Winter Series.

More information on the online pre-registration will be posted shortly.