PKA Now on Facebook!

We are now trying to reach ALL OF YOU via FaceBook. It has been brought to our attention that not ALL of you are being reached for club events, or even club issues that may pertain to you. We, as a club have opened a FaceBook page to contact as many of you our members as possible.

In the Discussion area on FB we will be asking ALL of you to participate with your thoughts as to what issues should be on the club meeting agenda. We will be asking ALL of you your thoughts that should be areas of discussion at the next club meeting. We will be getting your suggestions throughout the month and calculating them before the next club meeting. (every first Tuesday of the month at the Stark street pizza restaurant) The top 3-5 suggestions will be the topic of meeting. (short of any emergency information that may come up) We would appreciate ANY and ALL suggestions possible. YOUR IDEAS/THOUGHTS ARE GREATLY VALUED!!!!!!!! Without you ALL we would be NOTHING!!!

You are really the grass roots of our organization. In this day and age of the internet, it is nice that we no longer need snail mail to get in contact with our club members. Besides, it costs us (PKA) to send ALL of you the info. Hopefully by accessing the internet (PKA forums and FaceBook) we can contact all of you without the USPS. Lets face it, most of us have internet access and could care less about the junk mail in our box. Our club is in desperate need of rebuilding. ( down to 75/80 including the motorcycle crowd from the nearly 200/250 members a couple of years ago) If we don't work together, we will certainly collapse as a club.

If you have not yet joined, or know of someone that may want to, please click "LIKE" on our FB page ( ) and become a fan of the PKA page on FB. It is PKA's, my brothers, and my goal to get the club in an upward roll, rather than a downward fall!!!!! It is really all OUR parts to get this club back up and thriving. LET US ALL WORK TOGETHER AND MAKE PKA ONE OF THE BEST!!!!!

Thanks to Joe Shulz, Troy Shulz and Wayne O'Neil for making this happen.