June 11, 12, 13- NW Gold Cup/Rotax Challenge Series Stop #4 Mission, BC

By:Terry Bridges  “The mouth of the Gold Cup”

Competitors from the US made it through the border check Friday and Saturday on the way to race #4 to meet with fellow Canadian racers. This is the first time the Gold Cup series hosted by Westwood Kart Club had ever visited Mission Raceway Park, complete with Drag Strip, Road race course, and the 8 turn 30+ second kart track. Friday practice greeted racers with a steady rain until 2:00 pm and then opened up partly cloudy skies and an absolutely beautiful evening sunset. Racers were greeted Saturday with a crisp morning chill giving way to jacket shedding temps by mid to late morning, and afternoon temps in the low to mid 70’s.

After 3 rounds of practice, and some lunch, (By the way, the Concession Stand at mission is AWESOME! Great home style cooked food, with a host of wonderful “Racing Chefs” feeding the racers VERY WELL!) It was time to decide starting positions…..


First up…Huggler Racing Engines ROTAX MICRO MAX & GAZELLE which saw one of the largest  turn outs for the Gazelle class so far this year, the Micros were a  little on the light side with Huggler Team driver Mason Morgan taking the pole at a 36.638 and Wicked Fabrication team driver Conner Wick qualifying off-pole with a 38.320…..In GAZELLE qualifying it was Redlin Racing’s Jordan Redlin taking the pole with a 35.858 and sister Chloe Redlin  joining her brother taking the off-pole spot with a 36.347 effort….

In Seattle Karting’s JR 3 IAME CUP qualifying action, Keegan Laithwaite snagged the pole with a 32.506 and a surprise battle of the “Female Phnom’s” with Aberdeen, Washington driver Paige Wallin taking the off pole spot on the last lap of the session with a 32.581 from newly acquired ITAL Kart team driver Kailia Walter of Salem, OR who posted a 32.660 effort…Solid and impressive qualifying efforts from both of these up and coming female competitors….(9 tenths was all that separated the top 7 qualifiers…)

Next was the Italian Motors Senior IAME CUP…with one of it’s best turn outs of the year with 9, and competitors that could win ANYWHERE in the nation. It was the premier and well respected Karting Veteran Michael Valiante putting his ITAL chassis on the pole with a blistering 6th lap time of  31.886….and  young sensation Scott Hargrove putting his ITAL on the outside of row one with a 32.007…with a .878 tenths gap separating 2nd thru 9th starting positions!...

In BAM Racings  TAG MASTERS action, Prince Albert’s Jayson Clunie took the pole with a 33.101 and SCCA hot shoe Jim Hargrove of Surrey, BC completing the front row with a 33.382, Helmut Buhl had the pole with a 32.992 but was light awarding the pole to Clunie….

.in the Huggler Racing ROTAX MINI MAX …..it was the “Lickety Split & Wicked Quick” Kyle Wick taking the pole with a tire melting 33.371 and Red Apple Racings Float like a butterfly & Sting like Ray Robb taking the outside pole with a 33.602… Adam Spikes continued his solid efforts posting a 33.757 & Huggler team driver Matt Morgan with one of his best efforts of the year going 33.773…Pole thru 6th spot was an .8 tenths separation…

Kart-O-Rama’s  ROTAX JUNIOR saw Kelowna, BC wheelman Marcus Broadie for the first time in NW Gold Cup/Rotax Challenge Series action, out qualify the smoking hot Matt Moniz coming off 3 consecutive major event wins with a 32.349 to Moniz’s 32.610…Kyle Byers was 3rd quick with a 32.851..

CMC’s ROTAX SENIOR & MASTERS division saw the for the 4th time in as many races Spokane’s Andrew Zimmer & his Top Kart edging out Portland, OR driver Chase Earle & his L&C truck Supply/CMC Swiss Hutless entry for the top spot posting a 32.228 to Earle’s 32.576….this would prove to be much closer than it appeared on the watch…

.In the JR.1/JR. 2  BRIGGS GASANIMAL/WORLD FORMULA qualifying action it was David Schorn from Banks, OR taking the pole from hard charging Otis Orchards, WA driver Nicole Behar by .550 of a second, going 32.257 to Behar’s 35.807 in Jr. 2 WF and Sting Ray Robb taking the pole away from  Kyle Adams in JR.1 action by putting up a 35.836 to Adams 36.145…Tuning for Sting Ray Robb was Mom, Grandma & Grandpa as Dad & Chief Tuner Larry Robb was home recovering after a trip to the hospital days before…A true class act in every sense of the word, we ALL hope Larry Robb gets well soon.

BRIGGS WORLD FORMULA HEAVY action, undoubtedly one of the most improved drivers of the series Gabe Kajdy took the pole from 2009 IKF defending Champion Bryan Green by putting up a 35.208 to Green’s 35.302… Mike Schorn put his Mikes Kart Stands/ CMC Swiss Hutless in the 3rd spot with a 32.325. Just over .4 of a second was the margin between the top 5 drivers……

and last up the Italian Motors SHIFTER division was the largest of the weekend, with 13 entries….It was quality and not quantity, as the smooth Remo Ruscitti put his ITALKART in the top spot out qualifying names like Valiante, Jurca, Hargrove, McGregor, and Bob Kim….Ruscitti 31.293 was the overall quick lap, as 6 tenths of a second separated 7 of the best shifter drivers in the Northwest as possibly even the country…..



ROTAX MICRO-MAX/GAZELLE CADETS hit the race track almost to the second as NWGCRCS coordinator Bill Hettick had his Bam Racing crew synchronized and on cylinders…Jordan & Chole Redlin set the pace on the front row, for the first time this year current point leader Job Kandris had a full field to run against…starting on the inside of row 2…North Vancouver, BC’s Darrion Kerr joined Kandris in row 2 and Adam Enwright and rookie Spencer Faulkner made up row 3 for the Gazelle Cadets and Lake Tapps, WA driver Mason Morgan and Auburn, Washington’s Conner Wick made up the one and only row #1 for the Micro-Max…..after 2 warm ups, NWGCRCS Chief Starter Larry Saneer dropped the green to get the Day ones race action underway….Jordan Redlin lead the combined Class Chargers into turn one with sister Chloe Redlin and Kandris in pursuit…the lady Redlin poked and prodded Brother Jordan until She got by on around lap 4…Sister lead brother as the kin together put some distance on third place runner Kandris…..Meanwhile Mason Morgan had been going to work in the Micro’s and had checked out on Wick and was well in control at just over half way….It appeared that Chloe Redlin might have things in hand until Brother put on a charge got back by his Sister and pulled away…Mason Morgan had things all his way as he and Jordan Redlin took the Days first heat race wins….

DAY 2 PRE-FINAL..SUNDAY-  Carbon Copy of heat 1, same order….

FINAL-  In the final the Jordan Redlin rolls up his sleeves and goes to work, opening up a gap that Sister Chloe can’t close, although she drives the wheels off trying, Point leader Job Kandris who had run a solid 3rd in the first 2 heats, has the handle go away on his 9x and watches Darrion Kerr get by to take 3rd….at the Flag it is 1.Jordan Redlin, 2.Chloe Redlin, 3.Darrion Kerr, 4.Job Kandris, and 5.Adam Enright….


JR. 3 LEOPARD IAME CUP rolled off next Keegan Laithwaite and Paige Wallin paved the way on the front row…New ITALKART team driver Kailia Walter quieted her critics with her solid 3rd quick effort and was joined by teammate Jaime McCallister to make up row 2…The “Spokane Speedster” Colton Schultz was and Carson Dumore were in row 3, Nicole Behar and Syzo Segaar-Kuncki (and yes your reading right) made up Row 4…Max Youngson and Chilliwacks William Weatherston followed in Row 5 & Kale Segaar-Kuncki was alone in Row 6….Laithwaite led the Leopard drag race into turn one followed by Wallin and Walter….in the middle of turn 1 Walter gets turned around McCallister goes off in the grass, Schultz dodges & darts…Dumore goes for a ride and from there its total chaos…the real losers in the deal are Walter and McAllister who go from 3rd and 4th to the rear of the pack…Meanwhile Laithwaite & Wallin are 1st and 2nd with the “Spokane Speedster” Schultz in 3rd trying to make up lost ground….Laithwaite buckles down but can’t shake Wallin when the checkers fly it is Keegan Laithwaite with the win, Wallin in second in one of, if not her best efforts to date, Schultz recovers and follows Wallin for 3rd, Nicole Behar took advantage of the turn one circus and finishes 4th from her 7th starting spot…Kailia Walter and McAllister follow each other from the rear and come back to salvage 7th and 8th….

PRE-FINAL-  What started out as a light mist, is not becoming a more steady rain….As the racers in disbelief discuss which way they are going to go….there is no doubt everybody now goes to rains….When the green falls, the “Spokane Speedster” Colton Schultz has everyone thinking that he is Ron Hornaday as he rockets into the lead with a great start…but it’s wet….Schultz is into one to hot and washes up…there is brief chaos as the field checks up for Schultz and the “Speedster” tries to hang on….Laithwaite gets by and does not look back, meanwhile Wallin, Walter, and McAllister go at for 4th, 5th, & 6th….and that’s the way it stays…1.Laithwaite, 2.Schultz, 3.Kuncki, 4.Wallin, 5.Walter, 6.McAllister, 7.Dumore, 8. Behar, 9.Youngson…..

FINAL- 1. Keegan Laithwaite proved to be just to much in the final and went on to sweep qualifying, heat 1, Pre-final, and the main….2.The ‘Spokane Speedster” Colton Schultz ran a strong in the final to take home the second spot, 3. Paige Wallin was third in the best performance from her in 2010…4. Jaime McAllister was fourth, 5. Nicole Behar 6. Kale Segaar-Kuncki made a last corner “Banzai” pass on brother Syzo to take 6th…7. Syzo Segaar-Kuncki 8. Kailia Walter after her awesome qualifying effort struggled with “Lady Luck” and making contact with the front straight wall out of turn 8 to relegate her to the 8th & Carson Dumore had hard luck and finished in the 9th spot.


SR IAME CUP with one of the biggest turnouts of the year, and competition that would be a National event anywhere else in the country saw the accomplished Michael Valiante in P1, joining “Mr. Karting” on the front row is one of the hottest & promising newcomers around, 15 year old Scott Hargrove....this kid is the real deal, and has the whole package…you heard it here first….rolling out in Row 2 was Remo Ruscitti and the always exciting Johnny “Sliver” Blair, Surrey, BC’s Taylor Hacquard and Tanner Coles followed in Row 3, Don McGregor and Adam Isman made up row 4 and Seattle’s David Jurca rounded out row 5 after experiencing problems during his qualifying session…It is hard to put into words just how talented and impressive all 9 of these drivers are…You best bring your “A” game to run with these boys…..NO JOKE…..when the green falls Valiante and Hargrove are one-two into turn 1, Ruscitti and Blair follow suit in 3-4…Valiante and Hargrove set a blistering pace running just a tenth off of their qualifying times, meanwhile Adam Isman and David Jurca start their impressive charge from the back….Don McGregor has problems and is out 3 laps in…..a lap later Johnny Blair coasts off into the infield with problems…On lap 11 Ruscitti not happy with something pulls and is done…Jurca meanwhile gets by Isman and continues his quest to the front, and takes third from Hacquard…and that is where he stays as Valiante takes the top spot, with Hargrove second Jurca third, Taylor Hacquard an impressive fourth, and Adam Isman rounding out the top 5….

PRE-FINAL: The pre-final saw Smooth Scott Hargrove shoot out with a ‘Cannon Fire’ start to lead the field into turn 1….all teams were on rains as it was “Lake Mission Raceway Park” At the start Johnny Blair had made the call to go with rains as it was announced that it would be up to the teams and the race director would have no say so Blair was the only driver on rains during warm-up laps….just before the green flag dropped, Mother Nature dropped liquid sunshine and the NWGCRCS starter Larry Saneer dropped the red flag so the teams had 15 minutes to change over to rains, Needless to say Blair was not happy, but it was deemed a safety issue, but Blair had made the right move had the race not been stopped for safety. When race action resumed, Hargrove in his first time EVER running in the rain, drove masterfully and lead flag to flag with 2. Ruscitti, 3. Blair, 4.Isman, 5. McGregor, 6.Harcquard, and 7. Jurca (Did not start the pre-final)…Valiante was right up front, but found out on the scales that he had forgotten to transfer his transponder and was not scored.

FINAL:   The final saw Hargrove on the pole with Ruscitti joining him in the number 2 spot, It was Blair and an impressive Adam Isman making up row 2, and equally impressive Don McGregor and Taylor Hacquard making up the third row, with Jurca and Valiante making  up row 4 and Tanner Coles in row 5….Upon Green, Hargrove led the “Cuppers’ into turn one and the the first two circuits, Jurca was on a mission working his way from the his 7th starting spot to catch and pass Hargrove on lap 3 and never looked back, Valiante and Don McGregor dueled for several laps before Valiante decided it ws time to go and went….in the end, it was Jurca with the win Hargrove 2nd,  3rd went to Valiante, 4th was Remo Ruscitti, 5th was Johnny ‘Sliver’ Blair, 6th was Tanner Coles, 7th was Don McGregor, 8th was Taylor Hacquard, and 9th was Adam Isman


TAG MASTERS- Jayson Clunie and Jim Hargrove lead the way in the top spots as 11 Tag Masters roll out just before 2pm….Mike Hacquard and without questions one of the most improved and surprise drivers of the series Gabe Kajdy completed Row 2…Steve Leanza from Coquitlan, BC and Helmut Buhl made Row 3, Shaun Johnson and Daryl Cornwell Row 4, Joseph Therrien & Brad Brossart were in Row 5 and Mike Svendson was the sole Row 6 driver……Your basic clean heat race, Buhl and Leanza trade spots, Kajdy and Shaun Johnson retire early and Joseph Therrien snags a couple spots…Up front Hacquard trades spots with Hargrove but can’t get Clunie….In the end the records show Jayson Clunie in the top spot, Hacquard who looks real impressive second, Hargrove third, Helmut Buhl in the fourth spot, and Steve Leanza taking fifth….

PRE-FINAL:  In the rain SCCA  standout Jim Hargrove, after coming off of a very successful SCCA weekend June 4th & 5th used his rain experience to take the win....2. Hacquard 3. Helmut Buhl 4. Jayson Clunie 5. Daryl Cornwell 6. Joseph Therrien 7. Steve Leanza 8. Mike Svendson…

FINAL-  It was Hargrove, Hacquard, Buhl, and Clunie into turn 1 and that is the way it would stay until Hargrove got spun from behind going into turn 6….Hacquard, Buhl, and Clunie all spun as well getting into the side of the spun Hargrove….That left the door wide open for Gabe Kajdy who had worked his way up to 4th after starting dead last on the grid to take the lead and was never threatened again to take home a huge win the for red hot driver from Calgary-Alberta….Hargrove regain himself to finish second and Daryl Cornwell with a fine performance was at the right place at the right time and took home third….4.Therrien 5.Leanza 6.Svendson 7.Clunie 8.Hacquard 9. Buhl


ROTAX MINI-MAX- The front row of Wicked Quick Kyle Wick and Sting Ray Robb led the field to the green…Sting Ray Robb got the jump and lead the 8 ‘Mini-Maxers’ into turn 1….It appeared that Wick had something go wrong as the familiar #9 went backward while everyone else went forward…Matt Morgan got around Wick and followed Sting Ray Robb into turn one…..Cole Franchini who posted the quickest time of the heat 1 was third and the end of lap 1…Wick, who was quick qualifier by bunch faded to 7th and that is where he stayed, stating that he thought that the start was going to be called back……NWGCRCS officials agreed with Wick and penalized Robb 1 spot which gave the win to Matt Morgan, 2.Robb 3.Franchini, 4.Adam Spikes, 5. Job Kandris  6. Rayce Spoor 7. Kyle Wick 8.Alex Easter….

PRE-FINAL- With weather conditions worsening by the minute Sunday morning, Kyle Wick and Matt Morgan set the pace when the green flag dropped Wick, Morgan, Robb, and Franchini  bombed into turn one….That would be the last any of them would see of Wick, as he ran away and hid totally dominating the Pre-Final….Morgan spun allowing Franchini to take over the runner up spot, Sting Ray Robb hung on to third and Job “wan kanobie” Kandris moved up and took over the fourth spot…Morgan hung on to fifth and that is the way it would finish with Wick #1, Cole Franchini with a great run #2, Sting Ray Robb #4, Kandris #5 Morgan #6 Rayce Spoor # 7 and Alex Easter #8….Hard Charging Adam Spikes was put to 9th after post race inspection found some legality issues……

FINAL-  In the Final, Wicked Quick Wick, pulled the same maneuver as in the Pre-Final as Sting Ray Robb tried to stay with the Auburn Rocket but to no avail as the Wicked Fabrication sponsored Wheelman took the win 9.172 seconds ahead of Robb….Meanwhile Adam Spikes came from the 9th starting spot and worked his way all the way to the 3rd spot getting by Morgan, Franchini, Easter, and Kandris….and that would be as far as he got when the checkers fell on lap 17…Franchini in one of his best efforts of the year followed Spikes across in 4th, & Matt Morgan rounded out the top 5.  6 thru 8 were Alex Easter, Job Kandris, and Rayce Spoor respectively.



ROTAX SENIOR- Andrew Zimmer continued his torrid pace by taking his 4th straight pole…but on the outside of the front row was Chase Earle who would be giving the best performance of his career….On the green Earle jumps Zimmer on the start and leads into turn one….and this where he would stay with the ever present Zimmer trying every move in the book to get by…For 14 laps Earle held of the challenge of Zimmer, then in turn 7 on the last lap Zimmer moved underneath Earle with a slick little up and under……Earle not giving up battled back and drove up along side Zimmer by the end the of the front straight…thru turn 1 Zimmer and Earle were wheel to wheel with Earle winning heat one by a .072 margin…Kory Estell and Owen Chandler were about 3.5 seconds back and finished heat 1 3rd and 4th…..

PRE-FINAL: The Sunday morning monsoon had the Seniors on rains as they took to the track just a little after 1 pm….when the green dropped Zimmer led the way into one with Earle, Kory Estell  and Owen Chandler in pursuit……and that is how it would stay with Zimmer take the pre-final by .0971 seconds over Earle…Estell had some post race legality issues and was DQ’s in the pre-final…….

Final:  In the final, Chase Earle jumped Zimmer on the start and ran away….Zimmer desperately tried to stay keep Earle in his grips, but engine woes slowly sent Zimmer to the the 4th spot….the other half of the show was Owen Chandler who’s team put one heck of a tune up his #21 and in the later stages of the final, Chandler was on the move disposing of Kajdy, Estell, and Zimmer to move up to the second spot….but there was no denying Chase Earle as he went on to win his first EVER NW Gold Cup win….In all honesty, nobody deserved to win more than Earle who is a racers, racer…a class act that is always looking out  for his fellow racers and is just plain and simple one HELL of  a good guy….an excuberant Dad, Lance Earle gave his son a huge hug just as soon as he crossed the scales…THAT, is what this sport is ALL about….



ROTAX JR.-  A National caliber front line of Marcus Broadie and Matt Moniz led the way in heat 1…..the green waved and it was all Marcus Broadie who handily won heat 1 with ever smooth Moniz in the second spot….and Kyle Byers who switch to the ITAL chassis about 1-1/2 months ago, still looked to be finding the handle as he followed Moniz across in 3rd…Luke Selliken and Molly Helmuth waged an all out war for 15 laps before Selliken claimed the 4th and Helmuth 5th…….

PRE-FINAL- With rains gone and the track drying out, all teams went with slicks and their dry set-up but once again it was Broadie taking charge from the get go and never looking back…Byers appeared to be poised for second place finish until a his rear torsion bar came loose and NWGCRCS starter Larry Saneer waved the mechanical Black flag to Byers, moving Moniz to second Selliken to third and Helmuth to 4th…Byers returned after a magical pit stop by the Byers Custom Auto Body team and he caught and passed Helmuth to finish 4th……

Final- After coming off of 3 straight regional race event wins, Moniz was poised and determined to get his fourth….But on this day it was not going to be as Marcus Brodie continued his stellar performance and led the final from start to finish and was virtually unchallenged all day to take the win & the sweep…Breaking Moniz’s 3 race win streak…Moniz followed Brodie across the stripe for the runner up spot, Kyle Byers seemed to be gaining on his new chassis as he finished third.. Molly Helmuth & Luke Selliken waged their 3rd Race War, only this time it was Helmuth victorious finishing 4th, and Luke Selliken a very respectable and hard fought 5th…….For the record Artie Carpenter Jr. who had won 2 straight is this class was absent and unaccounted for…Hopefully the count will improve at Chilliwack in July.


JR1 BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL LIGHT & BRIGGS WORLD FORMULA-  Schorn and Behar are the only two competitors in the World Formula and Sting Ray Robb and Kyle Adams were the only two in the Animal class…Schorn took qualifying, both heats and the main to seal the deal in World Formula both Saturday and Sunday with Behar in the runner up spot and Sting Ray Robb takes qualifying, heat race 1 and two only to break in the Final giving Saturdays win the Kyle Adams…who did a fantastic job, never quitting and kept on ticking allowing him to win the final…..Sunday was a different story with Sting Ray Robb taking the win in Animal Heavy and Kyle Adams in the runner up spot

WORLD FORMULA HEAVY (SATURDAY) & WORLD FORMULA MASTERS (SUNDAY) Yamaha Hvy-  Gabe Kajdy and Bryan Green (2009 IKF GrandNational Champion) made up the front row, Mike Schorn and Jeff Mullins were row 2 and Jerry Filgiano and Racing’s Nice Guy Dana McDonald were row 3, Kajdy leads the way into one when the green waves… on lap 2 Dana McDonald breaks and becomes a spectator… Green is in the hunt until on lap 3 he spits a chain and joins McDonald as a spectator…That allows the Gabe Kajdy to win heat 1 by just under 3 seconds over second place Schorn, Third Place Filgiano, and 4th place Mullins, in the Final it is Gabe Kajdy leading and Bryan Green all over Kajdy in second until lap 14 when Green gets under Kajdy in turn 8 and the battle wheel to wheel the entire straight, touch again coming out of turn 1 to the checkerd flag…it is SO close that the starter has to make the call and gives the win to Gabe Kajdy...Green is 2nd, Mike Schorn is 3rd, Filgiano, Mullins, and McDonald close out day 1….Steve Adkinis won Yamaha Heavy as he was the lone competitor…

On Sunday it is almost déjà vu of Saturdays events only this time it is Green who has things going his way as he takes qualifying, heat 1 one , the pre-final and in the FINAL it comes down to lap 15 and it is a battle with Green leading, Kajdy right behind in 2nd and Mike Schorn right on Kajdy’s tail in 3rd….Out of turn one the white flag flies as all 3 head into the turn two chicane….Kajdy makes a ‘banzai’ all or nothing try on the outside of Green…they Bang thru 2, Kajdy’s momentum carries him back into the right side of Green as they go into turn 3 and both Green & Kajdy head off into the infield as Mike Schorn waves, thanks them and heads off to take the win, followed by Jerry Filgiano, Green Recovers to take 3rd, Kajdy is 4th, and Dana McDonald and Jeff Mullins are 5th and 6th


SHIFTERS- In the last race of the day. the shifters rolled out with the biggest class of the weekend and 2010, 13 of the best in business in 6 rows of 2 plus one to wage war….Remo Ruscitti and Michael Valiante made up row 1 (how bout that for a front row!), Scott Hargrove & David Jurca complete row 2, Don McGregor and the “Racin Trucker’ Bob Kim row 3, Anthony Halcrow & Chris Perrault  were in row 4, row 5 was Mike McGowan & Taylor Hacquard, row 6 was Brayden Bulger and Jayson Clunie…and row 13 was Daryl Redlin….when the green dropped in heat 1 nobody could believe what they saw….They saw Hargrove absolutely leap from the inside of row 2 to the lead the first 3 circuits….Jurca by then had gotten Ruscitti and Valiante to take over second…on just before midway, Jurca got Hargrove with a late brake at the end of the straight going into turn one to take the point…Jurca who ran a 31.304 lap as his best (over a tenth quicker than he qualified) in heat 1 stayed put and took heat 1 .285 seconds ahead of second place Hargrove with Ruscitti and Valiante 3rd and 4th respectively…Anthony Halcrow looked strong by following right behind Valiante to round out the top 5….

PRE FINAL-    It was more David Jurca in the pre-final… as the rains had subsided but the track was still not 100% as Jurca’s 32.561 quick lap time proved….Hargrove who started off pole in the pre final, stumbled and let Ruscitti and Don McGregor who opened everyone’s eyes with drive to the 3rd spot behind Ruscitti leaving Hargrove in 4th and Taylor Hacquard who started well back on the grid moved up 5 spots to take round out the top 5.

FINAL-  This was it…Money time as Jurca led the way with Remo Ruscitti outside…McGregor and Hargrove were back in row 2 with Hacquard & Halcrow in row 3, Daryl Redlin &  Bob Kim who had one of his better weekends of 2010 were in the 4th row, Jayson Clunie and Mike McGowan were in row 5, and Brayden Bulger and Valiante were row 6….Jurca and Ruscitti were one and two into turn one…..and off they went for what ended up to be a 17 lap feature…the Final checkered flag fell it was Jurca & Ruscitti staying put, Hargrove and McGregor switch spots with Hargrove in the last podium spot and McGregor who was awesome, finishing in the 4th spot…in the final stages Valiante had march from the tail of the field and battled furiously with McGregor but couldn’t get by and had to settle for a top 5 finishing 5th.  Taylor Hacquard  with a steady and impressive drive was finished up 6th, Anthony Halcrow dropped 2 spots from his starting grid spot to finish 7th, and the “Racin’ Trucker” Bob Kim who was solid all weekend in one of his most impressive drives of the year was a solid 8th. Brayden Bulger who never really got on track, finished 9th, and the ever humble Chris Perrault nailed a top 10, taking the 10th spot…then it was Mike McGowan, Jayson Clunie, and Daryl Redlin completing final 3 spots to close out the day…..


CONCLUSION-So race #4 is in the books, and the NW Gold Cup/ Rotax Challenge Series is at the halfway point. Next stop for the series is again across the boarder the Gregg Moore Racing Complex in Chilliwack, BC on July 23, 24, & 25….Remind everyone you know to push, pull, or drag their karts to Chilliwack….Because its going to be a great one… and to ALL the 4 Stroker’s and Shifter teams planning on participating in the “Indy 500” of karting, the IKF 4 cycle/ Shifter & Vintage Grand Nationals I wish you ALL the very best….and hope to see you there calling the events and watching you ALL compete…. Safe & Happy racing to you all…and remember…...” Through Preparation…...makes its own Luck!”…See Ya in Chilliwack!