IKF Region 6 Gold Cup Round 3 Race Report

Article and Photos by Northwest Karting News

Round three of the IKF Region six Northwest Gold Cup Series got underway this past weekend in Spokane, Washington. Stormy skies and windy conditions were waiting to greet those competitors who made the long trip, determined to go racing.

The Spokane Kart Racing Association had everything ready to go, Thursday’s move in was well orchestrated, and went smoothly. Turnout was good, among the many teams represented were notables such as: CMC, Italian Motors USA, HRE, Revolution Kart Racing, Rolison Performance Group, Collins Racing, and Kartsport Northwest. At the driver’s meeting Sunday morning Artie Carpenter was presented with the checkered flag that was used for his Fathers tribute victory lap at the previous Gold Cup race.

The Track:
Spokane’s track is a real “racer’s track”. It’s both fast and technical, with plenty of opportunities for passing if the driver is willing to take some chances.

The Weather:
Thursday and Friday were cold, windy, with occasional showers. Saturday began clearing, stayed dry and by Sunday the Sun came out for the remainder of the event.

The Competitors:
With series points battles beginning to take shape many of these racers were looking at this round to establish momentum heading into mid season. This would play out throughout the weekend as on track action was taken to a whole new level of intensity, and competitors were much less willing to concede those all important finishing positions.


The Racing:

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Junior 1 Briggs Gas Animal Heavy: Brittney Zamora and Sting Ray Robb would meet again here at Spokane to contest round 3 of the series. Sting Ray Robb struck first taking the pole with a fast lap of 50.820, Zamora second and Justin Demars in third. Zamora struck back quickly however by taking the lead to win the pre final with Demars close behind. In the end it was Sting Ray Robb who would take the lead on the start of the final event and never look back securing first place for the weekend, Zamora right there behind in second, and Demars in third. Look for this battle to continue at round four.

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Junior 2 Briggs Gas Animal Heavy: Nicole Behar and Colton Schultz fought hard for 1st place through the two day event with the up and coming Payton Manthei right behind them throughout the weekend. The #9 of Taylor Overhoff would take the pole with a fast lap of 50.562, followed by Skylar Smith outside row two, and Nicole Behar in third. Schultz would soon find himself pushing hard to make his way to the first place spot by the end of the pre final with Behar right there in second. After a long hard battle with a determined Behar, it was Schultz who would take the win, with Behar in second, Overhoff in third, Smith in fourth, and Ferguson in fifth.

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World Formula Medium/Masters: The second heat was the race of the weekend as it was a constant change and battle with Chip Cassaway, Luke Pascoe, Gabe Kajdy, Mike Schorn and Bryan Green. Kajdy broke a throttle cable while in the lead in the middle of the race and sent everyone else scurrying to find a quick advance of position. It then became a 3 way battle with Pascoe, Gasaway, and Schorn.

Pascoe had the engine but Gasaway had the home track advantage and was quicker in the tight sections and could get the jump on Pascoe on the exit of turn 2 to make the pass into turn 3 not only once but 3 times making the third time the charm as Pascoe couldn't get Gasaway back. Schorn trying to take advantage of the Gasaway move couldn't make it last more than a turn as Pascoe got back in second.

The main line up gave Schorn the pole with Gasaway in off pole position, with Pasco and Green in the second row and Mullins, Kajdy in the 3rd row.

Schorn was able to get a good start and jump to a 4 second lead as it took Kajdy two laps to get through the pack to put the chase on Schorn. Kajdy would simply run out of time however leaving Schorn the win, Kajdy finished a solid second place, with Pascoe, Gasaway, Green, Mullins, d McDonald, Krassett, Wick and M McDonald Rounding out the top 10 positions.

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Micro Max/Gazelle: Connor Robustelli had the kart to beat Saturday taking the pole with a fast lap of 51.628. It was Mason Morgan and Jamie Enrique who would battle it out in heat one as Enrique would take the second spot followed closely by Morgan, Kandris, and Nino. Morgan then took the win Sunday morning in heat 2. Robustelli would find himself starting at the back for Sunday’s main event after a post race infraction was handed him. He wouldn’t stay there long however, when the checkered flag dropped Robustelli was there to take the win with an impressive drive to the front. Morgan secured second, followed by a very fast Seth Appel who fought his way two third. Enrique finished fourth, with Kandris in fifth.

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Rotax Junior: Right out of the gate it was a very fast Mathew Moniz who qualified on pole with a 45.049. Artie Carpenter qualified outside row one, followed by Luke Selliken in third, and Austin Hudson outside row two. It was Selliken who took the win in the first heat followed by Kyle Byers and Molly Helmuth battling it out for second, and a very impressive Zac Bothell in fourth; not bad for his fist race with the juniors. In Heat 2 it was the #32 of Austin Hudson who made his way to the front finishing ahead of Byers in second, Helmuth in third, and a disappointed Moniz and Selliken who got tangled up on the start of the heat race. There was nothing but impressive driving in the main event as Carpenter and Hudson passed back and forth multiple times for the lead, while Helmuth and Gannon battled it out for the fourth place spot. Meanwhile Moniz fought his way from the back of the pack straight up to the front. He took home a very impressive win for the weekend, followed by Carpenter in second, Hudson in third, Helmuth in fourth, and Gannon rounding out the top five.


Rotax Senior:

Andrew Zimmer left no doubt as to who had the kart to beat on this weekend, qualifying on pole with a wicked fast lap of 44.631. A very impressive Marshall Peterson took the off pole position, running in just his second ever Gold Cup race as a senior. Zimmer would lead and win Heat one followed by a very fast Sam Jones in second. Brandon Cusack was the man on the move however; after what could only be described as a disappointing qualifying effort left him in the last place spot, he quickly went to work on the field in front of him finishing in the third spot right behind Jones and Zimmer. Heat 2 would consist of another win by Zimmer, with Jones second, Cusack third, and Peterson in fourth. A disappointed McGuire was out for the weekend due to motor problems. Sunday’s main event was without doubt a race for the second place spot. Jones worked past Zimmer at the start of the race while Cusack got mired in traffic, Zimmer and Jones moved away to a substantial lead leaving Cusack working to catch them. As Zimmer got by Jones, Cusack would very quickly find himself in striking position as well, from there it was game on as Jones and Cusack went back and forth multiple times neither prepared to give up the position. In the end it was Cusack who made the last pass on the last lap to secure second place, following Zimmer who took first place. Jones came in third with Estell in fourth and Earle rounding out the top five.

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Rotax Mini Max: Starting off the weekend in Mini Max was none other than Davey Manthie talking the pole position with a fast lap of 46.552. Off pole was the very fast Sing Ray Robb, with Marco Eakins and Kyle Wick making up row two looking to go to the front. With Davey Manthie dominating all three heats, it was Marco Eakins and Sting Ray Robb who would provide the show for the spectators. Eakins was able to get past Sting Ray in Heat one for the second place spot, however it was Sting Ray would come back to take second in Heat two, with the #9 of Kyle Wick never far behind. A disappointed Wick had to start the main event at the back of the pack due to the loss of his side pod before the start. Wick soon had his work cut out for him as he fought hard to make his way up through the field. Meanwhile it was Eakins and Sting Ray who continued to battle for second as they both raced hard and caught Manthie. The three ran the last four laps together with only inches between their karts. In the end it was Manthie who took home the first place spot, followed by Eakins in second, Sting Ray in third, Morgan in fourth, and Kandris in fifth.

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IAME Cup Senior: It was anyone's guess who was going to take the win as Team Italian Motor's Scott Hargrove, Remo Ruscitti, Johnny Blair, and David Jurca went back and forth for the lead throughout the entire weekend. It was Remo Ruscitti who would return for Round three of the Gold Cup series coming out of the gates strong as he put his kart on pole with a fast time of 45.499. Next to him off pole was Scott Hargrove, followed by Johnny Blair and David Jurca row two. With Jurca making his way to the front in Heat one, it was all about Hargrove in Heat two as he fought his way from the back of the pack to the front getting by Ruscitti. The Main event consisted of no less from Hargrove as he was able to hold off Ruscitti for the win, leaving Jurca and Blair to battle it out for third. In the end Hargrove came in first, followed by Ruscitti in second, Blair in third, Jurca in fourth, and Gallagher in fifth.

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IAME Cup Junior 3: Artie Carpenter would dominate in this class, leaving everyone else to their own battles. Carpenter took pole effortlessly with a fast lap of 45.811, putting Colton Schultz outside row one, with Nicole Behar and Keegan Laithwaite on row two. As Schultz drove hard to catch Carpenter,it was Laithwaite, Behar, and McAllister who would fight for the third place spot in Heat's one and two. The main event was the one not to be missed as Laithwaite and McAllister fought for third, while Behar and Walter passed back and forth fighting till the bitter end for the fifth place spot. These two ladies refused to give an inch, and in the end it was Walter who claimed fifth. Carpenter crossed the checkered to take home first, with Schultz in second, Laithwaite in third, McAllister in fourth, and Walter rounding out the top five.

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Shifter: Remo Ruscitti and David Jurca would meet yet again to fight for first in the Shifter class and boy did the spectators love it. Jurca came out of the gate strong qualifying with a fast lap of 44.970, putting Ruscitti off pole, with Scott Hargrove and Mike McGowan making up row two. Jurca and Ruscitti fought for first place going back and forth through Heat's one and two, with Hargrove always close behind looking to get into the mix. By the main event, Bob Kim had made his way up to fourth with his sights set on third. There was some very close passing between Ruscitti, Jurca, and Hargrove who were all hungry for first, and in the end it was Ruscitti who took home the win. Jurca was right behind in second, followed by Hargrove in third, Kim in fourth, and McGowan in fifth.


That’s it for round 3. Next up, the series heads north of the border where the Westwood Karting Association will host round four at Mission Raceway Park. NWKnews wishes to thank all theracers who show up to support their series.