PKA to Run Exhibition Race at SCCA Rose Cup

Portland Karting Association has been invited perform an exhibition race on  Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13 at PIR during the Rose Cup SCCA races. It is great oppertunity for the karting community to show case a sample of what Road Race Karting is about and the speeds that can be attained with a relatively inexpensive package. There will be a sampling of most of the classes that karting has to offer from the lower horsepower Briggs World Formulas to the Record setting Super Karts.

PKA is asking those that would like to participate in the event to give John Sulivan a call to enter the event. Space is limitied and is on a first come baisis. The racing  will be  limited as the race will be in an exhibition format to give the best exposure to racing fans that are attending the Rose Cup races. The track time will be approx. 20 minutes each day.

Some of the classes that will be attending the event:


125 Moto shifter


80cc/125cc laydown

World Formula


If you would like to attend and participate please give John Sulivan a call at 503-737-9939 to get your registration information.

To read more about the event please see  the following link  Participation in the SCCA Rose Cup Races