PIR RAce Great weekend!

The PKA Board of Directors would like to say 
Thanks for coming out this weekend at PIR . It was a good race with a pretty good turn out. 
We would like to thank MG Tires for sponsoring the Road Race Series this year with 3 sets of tires at each race.
To be quite honest I (Mike Schorn)was busy up in scoring that I forgot about the drawing. I am sorry that I forgot and apologize. 
I was reminded this morning by Private Message we did not announce the winners of the tires at the event. 
So Here is what we did. I got all of the drivers names listed put them in a bowl and in front of my wife, had our neighbors kid pullout three names.
Here they are 

David Lehman
Rob Hegar
David Schorn 

I will forward the names to Don at CMC so you can pick them up.
Congratulations to the tire winners.

Thank you all racers for your support of MG Tires and thank you MG Tires for you support of the IKF NW Gold Cup Road Race Series.