2019 Membership, Race, and Practice Fees

Club Membership Fees (click HERE to see what membership includes)

Road Race only Membership

Sprint/Road Race/Moto Combo Membership

MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass * $150

MAC Track Reserved Pit Space - PKA Combo Member (see notes below) 

PKA Road Race Fees

First Two Entries - Gold Cup Member $225
First Two Entries - Non Gold Cup Member $300

Novice First Two Entries $150
Each Additional Entry $25
Road Race Pit Pass Per Event $12

JR Entry (all Junior classes per class) $60
Pit Pass, children 4 and under (must Sign Waiver) FREE

MAC Track Sprint Race Fees

Sprint Entry (PKA Members) Kart and Driver $65
Additional Sprint Entries (PKA Members) Kart and Driver $25

Family Racers Entry (PKA members) Multiple drivers in immediate family. Family head, spouse, childern under 18.    $50.00 per driver after first entry. $50ea.

Sprint Entry (Non-PKA Members) Kart and Driver (includes Event Membership Fee of $5) $105

Additional Entry (Non-PKA Member) Kart and Driver $65
Kid Karts (All) $35

Sprint Practice Race Weekend (PKA Member w/ MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass) $10
Sprint Practice Race Weekend (PKA Member) $25

Sprint Practice Race Weekend (PKA Non-member) $50

Pit Pass per Day $10
Pit Pass children 4 and under (must sign waiver) FREE
All RV Parking and camping per night (Limited Hookups) $20

MAC Track Motorcycle Race Fees

All you can race Entry Member $70

All you can race Entry Non Member (includes Event Membership Fee of $5) $110
Practice PKA Member w/ MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass $10
Practice PKA member $25

Practice Non-member (includes Event Membership Fee of $5) $50

Pit Pass Per Day $10
Pit Pass Children 4 and under (must sign waiver) FREE
All RV Parking and Camping per night (Limited Hookups) $20

MAC Track Weekday non/race weekend practice fees
All Weekday Practices requires sign in at Fairgrounds office prior to practice
PKA Member w/ MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass $10
PKA Member (Any PKA member) $25

Non-member "must be with a PKA member" (includes Event Membership Fee of $5) $50
Pit passes - non-driver (includes Event Membership Fee of $5 for non-members) $10
Pit Pass Children 4 and under (must sign waiver) FREE
RV Parking Per Night (No Hookups) $20

PKA Road Race Membership $100.00
A Membership will include:

  • Become a member of the oldest and one of the most historical kart clubs on the West Coast. Membership in PKA’s volunteer non-profit club gives you, the member, a voice in the direction of the sport of Karting.
  • As a PKA Road Race Member your membership helps keep the sport of Karting on the Road Race tracks alive and well in Oregon and the Northwest.
  • Receive special discounts on products and Services provided by partnering business and clubs.
  • Reduced entry fee for Gold Cup Road Race Events.
  • Receive PKA Newsletters and updates of coming events.
  • NOTE: Driving on the MAC Track is not included in this membership.
PKA Sprint/Road Race/Moto Combo Membership $200.00

A Combo Membership includes everything from the Road Race Membership as well as:

  • Access to the MAC Track driving a kart or motorcycle for all practice days as well as their respective events.
  • Individual Lap print outs of day’s races (possible fee)
  • Reduced entry for MAC Track Club events.
  • Eligible for the Race Voucher Program.
  • $25.00 Practice days at MAC Track on weekdays and non-race weekends. Subject to track availability.
  • Membership with PKA aids in the funding of safety upgrades to PKA’s Tracks and Race Support Equipment to provide the Racing family safe and fun filled racing events.
NOTE: If you sign up for a PKA Combo Membership on or before March 9th, you'll receive a $50 discount to the membership fee and a FREE reserved pit space.

MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass $150.00
A MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass will include

  • Practice at PKA’s MAC Track for only $10.00 per family member during weekdays, hosted weekends, as well as the race weekend practice day. (excludes Gold Cup weekend) Subject to track availability.
  • If you and your family likes to practice for the that big race or you just can’t get out to the track on a race weekend but still have the urge to get on the track more than 10 times in a year then the MAC Track Yearly practice pass is for you. It can save you your hard earned cash in the long run.
  • A PKA Club membership is required to purchase a Yearly Practice Pass.

Reserved Pit Space MAC Track $50.00 for members after March 9th, 2019

Reserved Pit Space MAC Track $100.00 for Non-Members

PKA Offers those who like to have the same spot each race weekend, an opportunity to do just that.

  • There approximately 30 reserved pit spots available.
  • Reserved Pit spaces are good for one calendar year.
  • One space of your choice, 18’ at center section or 10’ x 40’ side sections
  • Pit spots are reserved for you at all Club events and NW Gold Cup weekend.
  • NOTE: During the Gold Cup weekend reserved pit spots are limited to race trailers only as PKA takes great pride and effort in providing great pit areas for all our traveling racing guests during the Gold Cup Event.
  • Reserved Pit spots are not included during Grand National or Charity events.
  • Camping fees are not included in the reserved pit space.